Home Grown Mining Equipment


Have you ever come home from visiting a mining shop and said I could build that myself. I know you have, so have I and a lot of other people. So what I have put together here is a collection of ideas that I have built, or others have given me. As time goes by, I will be adding new ideas that you and others have given me I can't be sure that any of the ideas that I have not tried myself work so, take a good look at anything you see, and try it yourself. If you have any new gadgets, you have invented or improved on E-Mail us at OMM Ideas.

Recalculating Mini-Sluice:

This is a little item I built, because I was tired of bringing home a bucket of concentrate from a
day of dredging and having to spend half the night panning! It is really quite a simple thing to build, very inexpensive, and works very well. This sluice idea came from one that is already on the market, with some modifications that make it easy for the recreational miner to build.

Black Sand Seperator

You can build your own dredge!

With a plan that I will soon be providing, You can build a 2" dredge for under $400!!! This dredge will out perform anything on the market in its price range.


When you can't dredge, convert it into a powered sluice!

Here in Oregon you can only run a suction dredge for 1 month a year. After spending many hours on the phone with DEQ, I found that this floating power sluice set-up can be run any time of year, and is not under the same restrictions as a high banker. As long as you are taking material from the river, you can use it any time of year.

Have you ever thought of using battery power? if you don't have a gas powered pump, a 900 gph or better boat bilge pump works well with a motorcycle battery.

Floating sluice

You can build your own High Banker Too!

Making a stand with anodized aluminum tubing makes a strong and light weight high banker. the classifier on top is made from recycled acrylic sheeting 1/4" glued and screwed together with 1/4 rod to sort large material out the front. This too can be made to run on battery power.

High Banker

You can build a Poop Shoot!

What, you haven't heard of a poop shoot? cool invention, a piece of corrugated pipe cut in half, about 3 feet long placed on a PVC frame. Make the legs removable and you can pack this thing anywhere. It runs on a 12v motorcycle battery, and a boat bilge pump. No gold will escape this baby. Great for sampling new areas.

Poop Shoot
Have some of your own ideas? Send them in and we will show your work off here.